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Child Development And Teaching

Friday, 14 August 2015 10:00 Written by  Read 6943 times

Are you your child's best friend? Learn how to teach your child and work on the development of his physical and psychological personality.

Child development and teaching helps parents prepare for their child's grow and assist him in the best way possible to go through the biological, psychological and emotional changes.

Every child needs great parent who will help him to grow and develop into a brilliant member of the human society. Our children are the future of a better world. It's a responsibility of every parent to accommodate proper development of our future leader, teachers, scientists and citizens. Child development and teaching is one of the most important elements in formation of a wonderful human being.

Help Your Child Learn New Things
From the begininning of child's life (scientists say even from the moment of conception) the brain goes through the monumental volume of changes and transformations. Only in the first year the number of neutrons double in number from what was at the birth time.

Children's brain is like a super-fast super-computer. Their brain synapses develop at stunning rate and they are able to learn faster than ever. Whatever new they learn, it helps them to develop the power of their brain. At this stage parents often make mistakes that may hinder the childs development and future life.

Spark Their Creativity
The more synapses a brain develops and keeps, the more intelligent the person is. It is known that in the first three years the brain of a child develops more brain synapses that it will have in the adulthood. The more synapses the brain has, it is more open to external input and it's more easier for child to learn and memorise. Creative games can spark the bloom of the brain synapses in the first three years of your child's life and can make him super-intelligent if properly stimulated.

Maintain Your Child's Brain Power
Brain synapses grow stronger when they are repeatedly exercised. If the synapses grow, but they are not strengthened, they will be pruned in the later years and the knowledge learned will be lost. Parents can learn how to retain the synapses strength and help their children develop super-intelligence. Every child can be super-intelligent if their parents do the right things in the first three years of their lives.

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