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Digital Remains

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 14:36
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Digital remains - decide what happens to your digital assets through specialised agency.

Digital Remains Services

Best Business In London present Digital Remains services that offer unique digital service for securing and managing your digital assets after you have passed away.

Today, average person's digital presence is huge. People have multiple Facebook accounts, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SumbleUpon, Google+ and so on. Some people have over hundred websites and blogs and throughout the years these can add up to huge mass of digital accounts. And as with any asset, digital assets have a value.

In case something happens to you and you die, all these digital assets remain unknown to your family members or your caretakers. These digital assets can be worth thousands of dollars that could be forgotten and lost.


Protect Your Digital Wealth

Digital RemainsWith Digital Remains services your digital assets are protected and related only to people that you have designated as rightful owners after you have passed away. They offer a unique digital will service that will make sure that only those you have empowered have the access to your digital accounts.

You can secure all your photos, videos, e-mails, e-books, articles, websites, social accounts etc. After years of research by team of expert solicitors, you can now have access in a legal way how to safely incorporate your digital assets like iTunes, Facebook and other social media so that they can be easily accessed after you are gone.

This service is encrypted and 100% secure and gives you the peace of mind that your digital assets will be managed by your nominated excecutor.

Upon applying for the services you will be granted a 16-digit code that can unlock your digital assets. While alive no one will be able to claim your digital assets. Only those whom you have nominated to your legal successor will be able to access your digital property after your death and with a proper code.


Get your own digital guardians

Digital executors or guardians are two people which you chose to guard your 16-digit code and who let the Digital Remains services know you have passed away. Unless both of them enter the code your nominated successor and owner of your digital assets will not be able to unlock the property rights. 

Digital RemainsYou can nominate anyone to be your successor, it doesn't need to be a member of the family or close relation.

You have worked hard to create your digital wealth and assets. They might be small or big, but they are worthy and valuable. You have spent hours and days to create them and used them as a digital footprint of your life and efforts.

With Digital Remains, your life's mission and what you stand for are recorded and safely preserved for others to continue where you have stopped.

Let it not go in vain. Let it live beyond your time and remind others of you and your life.

In a way, you can store all your digital legacy on one place and save it form the influence of time and forgetfulness. 

For more information visit Digital Remains website and find out how to access their services.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 12 October 2016 00:43

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