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A Demon's Quest: The Beginning Of The End


A Demon's Quest: The Beginning Of The EndThis extraordinary book by Charles Carfagno Jr.  is full of fast action, fantastic writing, lively dialogues, and absolutely enjoyable. Get ready to be relocated into a magic world of extraordinary characters and events.

Every reader knows that feeling when you read the book and get taken into it so deeply that you feel like you have become the invisible witness who sees everything that is going on the screen of life of all the characters of the story.

A Demon's Quest is such kind of book. It takes you inside the mind and feelings of the characters so well, you feel you have become part of the book.

Charles Carfagno Jr. writes with compelling imagination, in an inspired and enthralling way. His pen flows effortlessly form one event to another; from one character to the next one.

The reader will experience that A Demon's Quest is empowered with creative imagination, scores of illuminating thoughts from the great masters and inviting plot that may at times leave you breathless and amazed.

When you start reading the book it feels like you are possessed by an unknown, yet sweet force that impels you to continue reading at any cost.

A story of Demon’s Quest in the beginning is motivated by the revenge of a group of adventures seeking the wealthy reward and a payback to Togan who sided with demons. They are seemingly on the mission to get the Staff of Power so they can defeat Togan and get their hands on huge wealth.

But one of the man from the group has a different plan; he wants to awaken the legendary Blood Knights and with their help rule the world. He is ambitious, and in his possession has the book of ancient chants, the Book of Blood. Whoever hears it chanted changes his mind and becomes as if possessed by the whisper of the Blood Knights.

On the other side of the country, there is a student of the ancient martial art who gets hunted down because of being on the wrong place in the wrong time. The reader will learn some of his secrets, his training and style that are lethal and very effective in combat. His friend, on the other hand, has the weapon that is so formidable, no enemy can defeat it. He got it by accident, but because of it got involved in a crime he didn’t commit and had to prove his innocence...

Is there a potion that can help you read and memorise whole library of books? Learn it's secret before demons attack and enslave everyone...

This book is for those who love adventure and fiction stories. One interesting fact is that some of the main characters are the members of the martial art school, called the Order of White Fist, and many great fight scenes are inspired by the real martial art masters. In fact, some of the fight scenes come from author's love of Western Martial Arts. The techniques you will read about in the book are right out of 15th century manuals.

A Demon's Quest is a book you'l love. It's author said about it that it is: “An enjoyable experience and to take a break from reality.”

Some people said that this book is definitively a Hollywood movie material...


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles Carfagno Jr. 

Charles Carfagno Jr. is an IT specialist by day and the author at night. He is a practitioner of Western Martial Artist for over eight years. His skill in the art, have allowed him to create so many memorable fight scenes throughout the series. Writing is also becoming second nature to him as he devotes 15-20 hours a week crafting interesting stories. Charles loves to travel with Italy being his favorite place to explore and get creative.

About how he started writing he says:“For years, something deep inside kept gnawing at me to write, so while I was on vacation 10 years ago, I penned my very first sentence. “We’re close another day or two according to the map.” Those words set in motion a fantastic journey.”    

You can order this fantastic book from Amazon.com here!


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