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Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.


Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.


Auturgy Investigations with Sandra Seidel

Are you missing someone dear and near? Do you hope to reunite with someone special to your heart? Why don't you get an insight into the art of tracing? Auturgy Investigations can help you find your lost someone even if you have lost all hope and optimism.

Some people that have been adopted are searching for their birth parent, some have been separated or just lost touch over the years.

Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.At Auturgy Investigations you can get help with the tracing, locating and reuniting of your missing dear ones. Once an Individual has been located Auturgy Investigations will make the first contact and inform the person that you are looking for them and want to be the part of their life again.

If months, years or even decades have passed and you have lost the touch with someone or the cruel hands of fate have separated you from each other, there is still a chance he or she could be found. By employing a tracing system that Sandra developed, you can track down and follow the movements that will reveal lost person's course of residential or/and work location trail. Her score of success is high and there is a reason why is she so successful at finding people..

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Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.

Based in London, UK, Sandra Seidel is the Owner of Auturgy Investigations, a professional private investigator and author. She is specializing in the locating, tracing and reuniting of family and friends.

Ms. Seidel’s professional experience in the Hospitality, Occupational Health & Safety and Security & Investigation sectors has seen her work in Switzerland, Germany and England.

Recognized by her peers, she has received several awards for outstanding customer service and client care. During her professional career she has had the opportunity and privilege of providing service to Royalty, Heads of State and Celebrities.

In her own words Sandra says: “I have a passion for people, crime prevention and investigation. My aim is to help people and bring lost family member / friends back together. It is a rewarding experience.”

Her book, “Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.” is a step by step guide for those  who would like to trace their lost loved ones themselves

In the book Sandra elaborates in details how to follow the instructions on her step-by-step system to locate a person you are aiming to find. She precisely states information sources that can be easily followed with maximum efficiency by both novice and professional, in his effort to try find their dear lost one in the UK. 

Sometimes, people who have searched for their loved ones for long time and many years, come to the point of emotional strain, brake-down and hopelessness. This book can give you a new hope and motivation to continue your search. Sandra's message that permeates the pages of her book is simple and clean - there is always hope.  

You can order Sandra's book from Amazon here!

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Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in…

Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.

Are you missing someone dear and near? Do you hope to reunite with someone special to your heart? Why... Read more

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