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London Songwriter and Composer

Wednesday, 06 January 2021 00:08
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London Songwriter and Composer - Rizo Balic is much desired lyrics writer and a music composer for music bands, artists and movie-makers.

London Songwriter and Composer Rizo Balic is a man who is often called to write lyrics and compose music. Movie-makers, music artists and bands search for guidance and complete songs in all kinds of tempos for Pop, Rock, R&B, and Dance music.

He is the author of a collection of 81 professionally recorded songs - 54 songs made forr female artists and 27 songs made for the male artists.

Rizo's compositions for the movie music made him popular and trusted source for delivering quality songs for the movies. The two of his songs (BROKEN DREAMS and ALONE) are featured as part of the movie: Unfit Misfit, by 3 Angels Power Inc. a movie company from Canada.

As the music maker for movie Summer Rewind he had a featured songs used in the movie:

  • Summer Rewind (theme song)
  • Emotions
  • It is Time
  • The Strongest Always Survive
  • The Midnight Hour
  • Moonlight Romance (Instrumental)
  • I've to Go (Instrumental).

For the same movie Rizo Balic also composed the background music.

3 Angels Power INC are filming the third full length movie “Chi Ann Blaze Of Fury”, for which Rizo wrote the theme song “Fear Those Who Turns Love To Hate”, and as well is working on composing background music suitable for a various scenes in the movie.


London Songwriter and Composer Loved by the Fans and the Music Industry

Rizo Balic creates the music which received very positive response from fans all over the world. That encourages him to even more open up to his creative and artistic inspiration. He shares:

“It gives me a full satisfaction when some of my fans write to me with details how they enjoyed listening to my music and that is the main reason to carry on creating new music. Composing music for me is delightful action that galddenes the heart and I aspire that my music will be mor and mor recognised and accepted by the top people in the music industry.”


Have Your own Song Made Just For You


London Songwriter and Composer

One of the special advantages of working with Rizo is that every time you get personalised, authentic tune that represents your personality in the most descriptive way. His unique ability to capture the scene or the theme of the picture is why many called upon his music composing services. This London Songwriter and Composer that is steadily making his name in the music industry, can satisfy even the highest demands for the genuine and original music pieces.

Get in touch with him trough his contact below and have a preliminary meeting with him. He is sure to make your music demands outstandingly excellent.


Additional Info

  • Children Safe: Yes
  • Advertising Options: None
  • Other: London Songwriter and Composer

    Rizo Balic

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    London, UK

    Would you like us to endorse your business in London area? Send us an inquiry at info@bestbusinessinlondon. com

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Last modified on Friday, 22 January 2021 16:43

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