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Diamoire Luxurious Diamond Jewellery

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Custom-made diamond jewellery for those with exclusive taste for unique.

When it comes to custom jewellery, quality, creativity and attention to detail are unique in the industry. Diamoire Jewels nurtures your imagination and turns your dream into reality. Trust Diamoire Jewels to guide your ideas all the way from initial conception, to being a finished product you will cherish for generations.


Let Your Jewellery Speak For You

Jewellery is not only beautiful; it tells the story about the passion and the inner emotion of a person wearing it. It makes you aware of the love, beauty and the ardour. Truly, every jewellery piece reveals the aura of taste and delight. At Diamoire Jewels, you'll find all of that and more.

Diamore Luxurious JewelleryDiamoire Jewels from London wants their customers to tell their own stories. They make no two pieces of their beautiful jewellery ever the same.

Each ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings is unrepeated, customised and crafted from the finest precious materials. Lovingly made by hand, set with your choice of stone for a unique and personal touch.

Think diamonds in crystalline pinks, vivid yellows and deep greens, all expertly cut to showcase their natural brilliance at its most enchanting. Exclusive, beautiful and totally unique, Diamoire’s pieces are the perfect choice for wedding bands and engagement rings, as well as statement pieces that will add an unrivalled air of elegance to any outfit.

Wedding jewellery is always special. It evokes finest love and beautiful memories, bringing us back in time of joy and happiness. That's why the wedding jewellery is always picked with special care and attention.You want it to be one of the kind, a legacy that will be passed on for generations. There is no question that it has to be the best possible. 

At Diamoire Jewels great care is offered to every detail, every statement you want to make with your distinctive, individual message in the form of a timeless piece of real art.


Define your Appearance

Diamore Luxurious JewelleryWhen you want to send a clear message with your ornaments, you want to be like the moon among the stars.  For every occasion you are prepared with elegance and matching style. Studies prove that people who regularly wear jewellery are seen as more vibrant, successful and positive.  

Those who nurture the habit of wearing the jewellery are often  perceived as more caring, emphatic persons who are able to be stable support to those who need them and depend on them. 

When you wear something beautiful and rare, you add to your personal value. You feel proud of yourself and worthy to be seen as the one who can afford to expose his or her own self esteem. 

Diamore Luxurious Jewellery

The world knows that when you are nicely ornamented with grace and beauty, you must be celebrating. You celebrate the manifestation of your inner sparkle, light and strength.

Also, one often overlooked reason to get the lovely fragment of perfection in the form of a jewellery, is of course a redemption.

We have all been there - we did something wrong to a person we appreciate and love. What better way to show how much we care and how much portent that special person is to us than make a special gift. Jewellery saved many relationships, especially diamonds are of the good reputation.


Luxurious Jewellery Of The Highest Quality

Every time we look for a nice luxurious jewellery there is a new discovery. We find a new way to shine and express our individual radiant personality.

Renowned for luxurious jewellery of the very highest quality, Diamoire’s offer fully customisable service. It is perfect for those that want their jewellery tailored to be as unique as they are. Free quote through a contact link below.

Diamore Luxurious Jewellery


Additional Info

  • Children Safe: Yes
  • Advertising Options: None
  • Other: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Tel: +44(0)2084223621

    Address: The Greenford Business Centre London UB6 0AL

    Opening hours: 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

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