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London Singing Lessons

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 10:50
Posted in Music
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Singing lessons and vocal coaching in South London from Sing Freely.

Singing lessons and vocal coaching is something one absolutely needs if she or he is making plans to be successful in singing professionally or just for fun.

That's why people love Sing Freely - a top singing lessons and vocal coaching in South London. So manny talented people trusted the guiding and mentoring of expert vocal teacher Anaam and have achieved success beyond their expectations.


Develop your Authentic Voice Power

Developing your singing voice is supremely important if you want to have your own authentic and recognisable sound. It also gives you a tremendous confidence to perform at your very best. There is a great difference between a good voice and a great voice.

Most of the people who think that they have a good voice and need no vocal coaching are also those who often harm their vocal cords and never find their own voice, tone or authentic vocal power.

London Singing LessonsAnaam from Sing Freely in South London is a vocal coach who specialises in helping his clients find their own voice power.

His unique approach and mentoring helps you find your “comfortable tone” of singing so that it never looks like you are straining yourself while singing.

He specializes in auditions training and vocal coaching for anyone who'd like to make it as a star singer in the music business. There is no age restriction for becoming a great singer. If you are between 15 - 60 years old, you are qualified! 

Most vocal coaches teach a particular style of singing, but Anaam's method is unique because it is not limited to one style or a few styles - with his system, the student can learn to sing in their favourite style whatever it may be - R&B, Pop, Rock, Blues, World Music, Gospel.

Here is his message for any serious and committed student who desires to build his voice power, make her/his voice more flexible, build up the voice range and add new “colors” to their sound:

“In two months I can increase your vocal skills for 432% and make you a much better singer.” 


He guarantees that no matter what your present level of singing is, he will help you to dramatically increase your singing skills and make you sing even more freely and effortlessly than ever before.


Develop your Full Potential and Mesmerize the Crowd

London Singing LessonsSinging lessons are instrumental to reaching the full potential of your voice. Correct singing methods, techniques and exercises that are suitable for your current level of voice development will help you sing better and grow in your music.

Those who have trained voices can use their singing power to fascinate people who listen them singing and mesmerise them with their singing magic. As if they are able to transfer the subtle energy of their mind and heart to those who listen to them. When one has such kind of voice, he is sure to attract an audience to pay for their unique talent.

To be able to do that one has to practice and reach the special groove where everything glides and resonates just in a perfect way. 

If you are an already talented singer, Sing Freely will elevate your singing skills to a higher level. However  even if you are currently causing people to flee away from you when you try singing, with a proper training method and practicing vocal exercises, you can become that sought after singer with a beautiful and rare voice. There is no disqualification for anyone who would like to learn to sing like a nightingale - anyone can do it !


Why Singing Lessons at Sing Freely?

Through his vocal coaching system, Anaam helped many to win auditions and improve their singing skills. One of the best success story is training a young kid for the 'young Michael Jackson' part for the musical 'Thriller' - he aced it and went on to use what I had taught him to get through every audition all the way to the finals. 

London Singing Lessons

Anaam has been a professional singer for over 25 years and he loves to sing. But many years ago, for no apparent reason, he started to  loose his voice and doctors couldn't find anything wrong.

Not willing to give up singing, he adapted, educated himself in vocal technique to the next level and learnt a new singing system. After diligent practise and dedication, he became a far better singer than ever before! 

He doubled his range and power and became much faster in delivering the right content in studio recordings. His new singing system made his voice more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Sings Freely Singing Lessons South London!.


Get  55% Discount For A First Singing Lesson

London Singing LessonsHere is a gift from Sing Freely to get you started.

Upon contacting Anaam, quote a coupon code - BBL-SING FREELY and get your first singing class for 55% discount ! 

You might be a great singer or even the next music star - test your potential and see if you have it in you !

Classes are 1 on 1 in South London - Crystal Palace.

Call for preliminary meeting and voice test through the contact links below.

London Singing Lessons


Additional Info

  • Children Safe: Yes
  • Advertising Options: None
  • Other: Sing Freely Singing Lessons

    Professional Singing Lessons/Auditions Training

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Tel: +44(0)7931192867

    Address: Crystal Palace, London SE19, UK

    Best to call: 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

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